Polar bear from Greenland, presenting the 1932 Industrial Exhibition in Copenhagen in Art Déco Style. Unknown artist. Source
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Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, chair Model 90, 1929. Hand-forged steel, hemp. Metal work: Joseph Müller, made by Berliner Metallgewerbe, Germany. Via Cooper Hewitt


Boris Bilinsky, poster artwork for the french release of Metropolis, 1927.

1 Poster Cityscape Montage #1 – Bilinsky used images from the film for the artwork. 2 Movie poster: Kunstbibliothek, Staatliche Museen / Stiftung Preußischer Kulturbesitz, Berlin. More: /


Postcards of Miami Beach with streamline architecture of Henry Hohauser, 1938. Florida, USA. Via wolfsonian


The waiting is the hardest part, John Register


Mimi Kirchner on Etsy


René Herbst, Boutiques & Magasins, the dutch part, 1929. Edition Charles Moreau, Paris. Book online: NYPL


Alvar Aalto, Three Exterior Views of theHelsinki House of Culture”, (1958)

 The House of Culture in Helsinki is Aalto in his ‘red brick period’. He achieves the free-form curves of the concert hall walls using wedge-shaped bricks, arranged variously with their shorter edge facing inside or outside the wall. The impact of the solid brick walls must be seen in the context of what had gone before. In Finland, the National-Romantics had used wood and granite to show closeness to Finnish nature, while the modern movement (as elsewhere) used more abstract white plaster surfaces (which did not wear well particularly in the Finnish climate). Aalto’s red brick was therefore a bigger statement than it now seems: a man-made material that keeps its individuality and local personality.

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Noel Fontanet, poster artwork for the 7th Geneva Car Show, 1930. Switzerland. Source
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Roadtrip 2014
Sam Sampersand
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René Herbst, Boutiques and Stores, the german part: examples from Berlin and (then german) Breslau, 1920s. Edition Charles Moreau, Paris. Art Deco at it’s finest. Note the title typeface Bifur of Cassandre.


Slowdive 1993
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